Chloe and Joey Meet a Very Wise Kiwi

    ~  by Menkit Prince


About the Author

Brett Clifton

Born in 1951, Menkit Prince is an animal rights activist and wildlife campaigner, an author, researcher, teacher, raw food chef and lecturer.

In 1990 she was President of Red Rock Animal Rights in Sedona, Arizona for three years. In 2003 she was also the Tweed Shire coordinator for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and volunteered with them for over five years. She is currently a kangaroo activist trying to raise awareness about the plight of Australia’s kangaroos.

Menkit’s other books can be found at  and

Her passion is to instill in people the importance of reverence for all living creatures. She lives in the rainforest in Northern NSW, Australia with her very lazy and spoiled cat Cicero and eats only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Contact her here.

About the Illustrator

Kathleen McLaren lives in the south of Tasmania. She is a keen animal advocate and loves painting, drawing and other artistic pursuits. Illustrating this book was a great opportunity for her to combine two passions.

Kathleen has also written and illustrated Kitty McSporran Saves the Animals (with the help of her magic cape) which was printed in 2010.  Email her here