Chloe and Joey Meet a Very Wise Kiwi

~  by Menkit Prince



What’s Special about this book?

© Kathleen McLaren

Stella Reid - Wildhaven St Andrews

This is an amazing story that wins people's hearts while at the same time educating children (and adults) about the perilous situation kangaroos are in. It helps the reader to look through the eyes of a kangaroo to see what we are doing to them, not what we claim they are doing to us.

'Chloe and Joey' shows the sweet, gentle side of these maligned and persecuted creatures, our national icon.

This children’s book won a coveted award from The Voiceless Foundation in 2011 whose generous grant made the printing of this book possible.

Award-winning author Menkit Prince and illustrator Kathleen McLaren collaborated to create this work in order to educate children about the plight of Australia’s kangaroos. Together they are donating 100% of the proceeds of every sale to help needy wildlife carers who rehabilitate injured kangaroos.

The exquisite artwork of Kathleen McLaren here and download a few chapters of Chloe and Joey here.

Buy a copy and donate to your local library. Be a part of the change needed to awaken Australians and help them fall in love with our unique wildlife, like the foreigners who come here to see our kangaroos.

All purchases of this book will directly help kangaroos.

You can choose which carers you would like to receive the proceeds of your sale. Simply go to this page.

Or you can nominate your local school or library (Australia only) to receive a free copy. Just contact us with their email and phone number and we will send them a copy of Chloe and Joey.

Brett Clifton