Chloe and Joey Meet a Very Wise Kiwi

    ~  by Menkit Prince


Chloe and Joey Meet a very Wise Kiwi” is a wonderful children’s book with a very important message to children and adults worldwide. Through her passion and understanding of the dire situation facing our unique wildlife, Menkit has produced a meaningful and spiritual vision of our magnificent kangaroos, through the eyes of a child.

Bob Irwin

(Father of Steve Irwin)

Wildlife Conservationist

‘The sad indictment’

I have been around children all my life, (I was even one myself once) and the great melancholy that permeates my being, is why when we reach a certain age we allow the people around us to change our perception of what is right and what is wrong.  If only, that part of our childhood that loves and protects the other species that inhabit our planet could remain locked into our psyches for ever, what a wonderful place it would be. My greatest wish would be that all of God’s creatures, (including us) were allowed to live with the freedom that we were born into, to be our given right.


‘Chloe and Joey’ is a beautifully penned tome, and I was with their adventure all the way, but then my “Adult” reasoning took over and I was ripped from my childhood dreaming back into reality, how sad it made me feel!  I’m, sure children all over the world will enjoy this book, and the many other ‘Chloe and Joey’ adventures yet to come.


Please keep writing your wonderful stories Menkit, for I’m sure they will delight those who read them, and maybe, just maybe, one day the “People” that control our world will listen to a child.


I remain yours sincerely,


I am proud to have served my country by entertaining our troops in the Vietnam War.  Men and women who go to war for Australia, do so under our Coat of Arms. I am not proud of how little respect is given to kangaroos on our Coat of Arms.  Kangaroos are unique and beautiful animals that we should love, respect and truly protect.  Chloe and Joey is an enchanting book for children and every school should have it in their curriculum.

Sylvia Raye

Ex-Bandstand Entertainer (Logistic Support Medal)

"The journey of discovery that Chloe and Joey embark on is a wondrous one that shows love and compassion for their kangaroo friends. Their love and compassion for their Kangaroo friends is acceptance and joy. Let us all hope that the culling of innocent creatures of all forms does not assist in the disappearance of our national treasures."

Tony Bonner

Actor ~ Skippy TV Series



Brett Clifton

Stella Reid

Stella Reid