Chloe and Joey Meet a Very Wise Kiwi

    ~  by Menkit Prince


Did you read Chloe and Joey and decide that you wanted to do something to help kangaroos? If so what did you do? We would love to know! Please contact us and tell us.

This is your opportunity to share with children around the world and inspire them to do something. Here are some things you might like to do:-

•Read the links to kangaroo websites and learn about their situation

•Do not buy kangaroo meat, skin, souvenirs made from their skin or body parts

•Tell your friends about the kangaroos’ plight

•Go to the library and learn more about kangaroos

•Sign online kangaroo petitions (see links) and share with your friends so they sign them too

•Get your friends to buy a copy of Chloe and Joey. The sale of each copy helps macropod (macropod means ‘big foot’ i.e. kangaroos) carers

•Request a copy from us for your school library so everyone can read it

•Sponsor a joey by sending money each month to one of the carers who has kangaroo sponsorship programs

•Tell all your facebook friends about the kangaroo websites listed in the links section

•Speak up for kangaroos when you hear others calling them ‘pests’ or ‘needing to be culled’

•Raise money to help kangaroos

•Put a bumper sticker on your bicycle or wherever it can be seen

•Tell the world that you love kangaroos and how beautiful they are

What else can you do?


How You Can Help Kangaroos

Brett Clifton

Stella Reid

Kim Walpole