Chloe and Joey Meet a Very Wise Kiwi

    ~  by Menkit Prince



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The Animal Protection Institute.

Professor Steve Garlick and his wife Dr Rosemary Garlick recently had this fascinating tale to share. Can you believe a kangaroo could be hit by a car and break off the bumper, be bashed by a drunk and be rehabilitated and released in great shape just two weeks later? An inspiration for wildlife carers everywhere! It's time people made more effort to help injured wildlife instead of killing them just because they are adults or hit by a car. A beautiful photo shows other kangaroos successfully relocated and thriving, welcoming Rosemary during a night-time visit

Wildlife carers always advocate 'euthanasia' for adult kangaroos on the grounds that they cannot be rehabilitated. Since kangaroos suffer and die from stress myopathy, containing them in an area and exposing them to humans (arch enemy of kangaroos) is cruel and prolongs their suffering - it is argued. Meet two wildlife carers who disagree and whose experience is contrary to the generally accepted opinion.

A day in the life of a wildlife carer ... how many wildlife carers and vets would euthanase this joey? Professor Steve Garlick and Dr Rosemary Garlick (with the help of wildlife expert Howard Ralph D.M.V.) have managed to save hundreds of kangaroos that would have otherwise not had a chance.

Heart-warming stories from two very dedicated wildlife carers located in Qld and NSW. What these selfless people do may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things but to those individual animal lives it means everything. Animals do understand more than what we give them credit for.

This joey would have died if not from the timely intervention and help from Professor Steve and Dr Rosemary Garlick at their property in N.S.W. What a pity more vets and wildlife carers don't follow this protocol and instead, opt to euthanise?

An engaging and uplifting short story.

This carer lost her house and wildlife facilities in the Black Friday fires in 2009, Victoria

Susie Rowe has a sanctuary for kangaroos and needs sponsors

Kangaroos are on track to extinction - here is the proof

Website for international tourists who want to see our unique wildlife

What is wrong with eating kangaroo meat

Australian Wildlife Protection Council

Petition calling for a moratorium on all kangaroo killing until a correct count has been established

Activity book for children

440,000 reasons not to eat kangaroo meat. Support the call for the European Union to ban kangaroo products. Sign the petition.   

The author of Chloe and Joey Meet a Very Wise Kiwi wrote another children’s book which was published in 2011. This book will empower children to take care of this magnificent Earth of ours. A fantasy set on another planet, it has more parallels with our planet than meets the eye.